At 51 Mary J. Blige gets better with time.  At 51 the Queen of Hip Hop Soul and with 30 years in the business, Mary is still setting trends through music (have you heard her newest single Amazing with DJ. Khaled), and when it comes to fashion and beauty, she wears the looks that make all of our jaws drop  Her signature blonde hair gives has given us everything from Farrah Faucet flips, lemonade braids, bone straight to sexy updo’s.  And her fashion looks have set trends and created the backdrop of what the visuals will look like for hip hop style in history books. When you too hood to be in them Hollywood circles and you too rich to be in that hood that birthed you.” words by Nas that she’s captioned on Instagram right next to one of her jaw-dropping looks.  From Fashion and beauty and everything in between check out 10 of the stylish Mary J. Blige Moments (and this was just 2021). “When you feel beautiful on the inside the outside follows,” says Mary about the visuals for her ‘Gorgeous’ Video promo. “Good Morning Gorgeous!  I see you,” she says.  Mary,  we always see you and we love you Happy Birthday Queen.  

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Mary made an entrance at Bottega Veneta fashion show in Detroit
At the premiere of Mary J. Blige My Life Documentary event
Visuals for her Sun Goddess Wine brand
Met Gala 2021
Met Gala After Pary Look
Just a Day in the lIfe of Mary
Rocking a Full Chanel Look at the Chanel No. 5 100th Anniversary Pary
Stopping for photos before being inducted into the Appolo Hall of Fame
Stuns in a bikini celebrating her 50th Birthday