Accused Brooklyn rapper Casanova 2X has been fighting an attempted murder in his RICO case since November and says that Hov has done more than enough to help him with his case.

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Cas jumped on Twitter last night (January 11) to tell his fans to stop asking him to get the music mogul more involved in his federal case. Casanova was signed to Roc Nation six years ago and even though Hov was able to step in and help rappers like 21 Savage in his ICE case, Cas says that Jay has done his due.

Casanova also discussed Roddy Rich’s affiliation with the hood, saying, “N-GGAS WANT @RoddyRicch to be in the hood so he can end up like me lol,” he wrote. “Man fuck that shit @RoddyRicch keep making that 20 million a year, it beats shooting the wrong video in the hood and shit go left. I hope that don’t go over your head.”