Producers not getting paid is not a new thing in the music industry. Every other day, another producer or songwriter claims they haven’t gotten paid by an artist, and somectimes for their biggest or best work. However, in a lot of cases, these situations don’t make it to court.

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According to Page Six, legendary producer, Pete Rock is preparing to sue Nas for unpaid royalties from Nas’ debut album, Illmatic.

Pete Rock claims that Nas signed a contract that “would allow the producer a cut of that proceeds from the classic track “The World Is Yours.” a total that is now a few million dollars.” Rock, who has both a writing credit and vocal credit on the record, claims that he has reached out to Nas about getting his money, but has not heard anything back.


While Rock has not filed the lawsuit yet, he has serious plans to do so by the end of this month. “Nas and his people have stonewalled me since 1994; my new years resolution is to be compensated for my hard work on the Illmatic,” Rock said.

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