People underestimate the non-stop effort it takes to become successful in the music business unless you have a mentality that allows you to push through the punches and dodge the adversity, you won’t succeed. Stephanie Braganza is an example of someone that made it through to see true success. Stephanie’s performances helped her win a Toronto Independent Music Award for Best Live Artist. The vocalist has performed in a wide array of settings throughout her career, including a private event at the Art Gallery of Ontario which was attended by former president George W. Bush, and at the MuchMusic Video Awards with Belly and Ginuwine. Stephanie’s music video “When We Last Kissed” ft. rapper Drega, directed by former pop star and current rocker Skye Sweetnam. Despite these accomplishments, she never lets it get to her head, always striving to better herself and give back to the people that helped lead her on the way to the top. She’s an outspoken animal rights activist, shown by her latest music video; “Chains of Silence” which won two 2017 Global Music awards for “Best Female Vocalist” and “Best Music Video,” and has received support from Tony Kanal (No Doubt) and PETA. In celebration of Canada’s South Asian Heritage Month, Stephanie was listed in CBC Music’s top “10 South Asian–Canadian Artists You Need to Hear Right Now”. Another highlight for Stephanie, was her participation in successfully breaking a Guinness World Record for the “World’s Longest Concert.” The notoriety and attention these events brought her was obviously great publicity and assisted in making her rise to the top slightly easier. We had the privilege of interviewing Stephanie Braganza and started by asking how it all began. 

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In many ways, the most enjoyable part of her early years was diving into music any chance she could, but of course, even as a musician, you’re your own business and there was a lot to learn along the way. “I spent more time telling my story behind the music during this time in a short documentary called “Driven to Create,” a film telling the stories of driven artistic South Asian women, directed by Angela Chao. It’s an honour to be featured and talk about my journey alongside talented and powerful women such as filmmaker Shazia Javed, visual artist Khaula Mazhar, and actor/playwright Jasmine Sawant. It will be premiering at film festivals across North America later this year.” she says.

Down the line, what are your biggest dreams and aspirations when it comes to building the ultimate dream and reality for yourself? Stephanie Braganza says I am hard at work on my next album. It will be more personal and vulnerable. My next album will explore what is important to me and tackle critical issues and the experiences that made me who I am today.