Tupac Shakur’s sister, Sekyiwa “Set” Shakur, is taking the executor of the estate of her mother, Afeni Shakur, to court. Sekyiwa and The Tupac Shakur Foundation has recruited the assistance of esteemed entertainment and estate superlawyer, L. Londell McMillan, to the legal team.

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In his career, McMillan has represented Prince, Michael Jackson, and Prodigy of Mobb Deep before their deaths and the estates after.

In a statement to The Source, L. Londell McMillan stated: “Set and the Foundation deserve the care, accountings, property, funds, and trust that Afeni expressly required and bequeathed, as well as the respect Tupac’s legacy and family deserves. That’s a fact.”

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The lawsuit was filed Monday (Jan. 10), in Los Angeles Court. According to Billboard, Shakur and The Foundation have accused Tom Whalley of executing “blatant violations” as the executor of Afeni Shakur-Davis’s estate. Those accusations include appointing himself into a key management role, Billboard reports.

“He has effectively embezzled millions of dollars for his own benefit,” Sekyiwa wrote. “Whalley has unreasonably enriched himself at the expense of the beneficiaries and in bad faith by taking excessive compensation in a position from which he should properly be barred based on the inherent conflict of interest.”

In addition, Whalley received $5.5 million in payment to himself as the manager of Amaru Entertainment, a record label that released songs from Tupac and is “principal income-producing asset of the Trust.”

“It is clear that he has used and abused his powers as executor and special trustee of the estate and the trust to convert the personal property belonging to Sekyiwa as a piggy bank from which he has drawn substantial funds for his own benefit,” she wrote.

The legal team is rounded out by Donald David and Joshua R. Mandell of Akerman law firm.