The Weeknd returned to his acting ways in his new visual for “Gasoline,” and killed off the character he developed.

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Prior to the Dawn FM release, the Canadian pop-star developed an old-age alter ego of himself. The “Gasoline” short film begins with the old Weeknd totaling his car while listing to loud music through his earphones. When the old Weeknd gets up and is in recovery mode, he finds himself in a new world with the young Weeknd.

The young Weeknd gets irate once seeing the old version of himself. They fight, and of course, the younger Weeknd wins in a fatal victory.


“Gasoline” is the second video released from the Weeknd’s highly-anticipated Dawn FM album. He first dropped “Sacrifice,” where the Weeknd attaches himself to a giant wheel.

On January 4, the Weeknd dropped his fifth album. The album features Tyler, the Creator, Lil Wayne, Quincy Jones, Oneohtrix Point Never, and Jim Carrey, and is projected to go No.1 on the Billboard charts. Watch”Gasoline” below.