This was strange but happened.

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Chance The Rapper began the new year in the Motherland. The Chicago rapper visited Ghana with fellow Chicagoan, Vic Mensa. He even was able to link with Ghanian rapper, Sardokie.

While the two were enjoying their time, Chance stumbled upon a guy who had mistaken him for another rapper – Quavo.


“What’d you say when you first walked over,” asked Chance.

“Qua?” the man said unknowingly.

Chance began jokingly rapping one of the Migos’ hits, “Pipe it Up.”

While the resemblance is extremely questionable, it is likely that the man identified the Grammy winner as the first rapper that came to mind. Based on his response, the result happened to be Quavo.

The two have collaborated on a few hits with DJ Khaled and Justin Bieber: “No Brainer” and “I’m the One.” The latter topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Based on his response, Chance found comic relief within the incident. His response was more friendly than other artists who have been mistaken in the past for their peers.

Most recently, Jason Derulo got into a physical altercation with a fan who mistook him for Usher. Whether the fan jokingly did so or not, I don’t think any singer would be offended being mistaken for a generational legend. Derulo on the other hand, perceived it to be disrespectful.