Young Thug and Gunna took to Instagram live on Wednesday to put a pilot on blast after being kicked off of a private jet. Thug claimed that the pilot was racist for kicking the two and their crew off of the plane for not having proper identification and allegedly being disrespectful towards a member of the flight crew.

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Young Thug began his Instagram live by asking the pilot why they were kicked off the plane. “You said my friend couldn’t get on the plane because he didn’t have an ID,” Thug said. “Did he disrespect you?” he asked, which prompted the pilot to remind Thugger, “You cannot fly without an ID.”

Thug then asked the pilot to clarify how he and his crew were allegedly being disrespectful to one of the flight crew. How did we disrespect one of your colleagues?” Thug asked. “Oh ‘you don’t have to tell y’all that,’ yeah because you’re racist. That ain’t P. You’re a racist prick.”


After the pilot continued to not answer Young Thug’s question, the Atlanta MC went on to call the pilot racist. “You can’t tell me nothing else that happened,” he said, adding, “You’re racist as fuck. Your wife should leave you.”

Gunna also jumped on Instagram live to let his fans know what was going on. Behind the camera, Gunna could be heard, telling his fans “Everybody flying on a jet, don’t ever fly with this n***a bro. Ever. This n***a ain’t P. This n***a is not P man.”

Drake joined in on Thuggers IG live, and offered to send “Air Drake” to pick the two up. “Hit me let’s book a new plane” he commented.