This past week Kodak Black was the talk of the town after it was believed that the Sniper Gang executive was seen at the Panthers vs. Canucks hockey game in Florida, doing the do.

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The video that circulated the internet, posted by a season ticket holder, had a lot of people in a frenzy, while others were making the accusations their “goals.”

The ticket holder originally captioned the video of a mystery woman gyrating on Kodak, “I think Kodak found something better to do at the Panthers game.” Once Kodak became the trending topic for the viral video, the ticket holder then took to Twitter to address the clip he posted.


“Considering this is everywhere, I want to point out the fact that they were not having sex. Multiple other videos confirm this. Please stop spreading lies,” he wrote on Twitter.

To also confirm what really went down, Kodak Black posted the video himself, from a closer view. Kodak then eventually followed up with a post of him and the woman, who he identified as his artist, who goes by the name of Vvsnce. “Im single! @vvnsce My Artist & I truly believe in Her!!!” he stated.

It’s safe to say Kodak could be in a celebratory mood following the news that his most recent single “Super Gremlin” reached the Top 10 on Billboard’s top 100 chart. Congratulations to Kodak!