Killikickz has released a new tune called “Eternal Moon.” The song has amassed a considerable internet following since its release. When it was first published, it rapidly went viral. Killikickz’s excellent music, along with the song’s catchiness, has produced a masterpiece.

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Killikickz is new to the music industry, but he is not inexperienced. Killikickz has three singles released this year. You can hear the depth of feeling he has tried to inculcate in them when you listen to them. A notable example of this is the song ” Eternal Moon.” It’s catchy music that people of all ages will like.

“Eternal Moon’s” soundtrack gives the appearance of being able to be played continuously without becoming tedious. Whatever it is about the music that makes you want to listen to it again and over again, regardless of how many times you have heard it. This obviously demonstrates Killikickz’s abilities.


Check out “Eternal Moon” on Spotify below.

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