Lu, an independent artist of Latin and Native American descent, is extremely versatile and talented. She’s a singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, plays multiple instruments, and is the owner and founder of my own label ROAM SOSHAL If that’s not enough of a well-rounded background, she is also a soldier in the U.S Air Force and is a student who just received a full-ride scholarship for a Global Security and Intelligence degree.

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Needless to say, Lu is as impressive a person as she is an artist. In three short years, she has built the base of her music career and has already amassed 3,000 monthly average listeners on Spotify. She has crafted a sound all her own, her songs are clever, catchy, and cool, and she has her eyes on a big future.

She has a new single out titled “Dirty, Dirty” so we took some time to catch up with her and learn more about her music, story, and future. We’ll certainly get to her music, but first, let’s learn a bit about her background and how she got started in music.


Here’s what Lu told us about how she found her way into the world of music.

“My REAL start in music happened in about 2018 when I went to Seoul. I didn’t know anything about the country or the culture, I didn’t speak the language at the time. I had just gotten a real job and money for the first time and I wanted to go somewhere I’d never been before so I booked the flight. The whole time I was there I didn’t know what was going on but I remember the one thing that was familiar was music and that really touched me because I thought it was so poetic. I remember thinking “music really does tie us all together”. So as soon as I got off the plane I decided I was gonna go all out on music. That trip led to me starting my label, it even led to me talking to you right now. The first time I was ever in a recording studio was in Seoul.”

On her major influences, she had this to say.

“Anything that’s different, new, innovative! That’s what my major music influences tend to be in general. Something that makes me feel that fire, that passion. Something that makes me remember why I love music. Anything that stands out automatically inspires me. Like, “How come I didn’t think of that” or “Man, this is such a good idea, I see what they did there… I get what they were going for”. Because it makes me want to do something too, it’s like the feeling of a relay race I guess. Passing the baton. To me, that’s the whole point of all of this.”

In our years of working with artists, this almost spiritual tie to music is one we’ve seen before and we love. This in-depth love and care for her music are reflected in the songs that she makes. That makes it a good time to turn our attention to her latest single, “Dirty, Dirty”.

“Dirty, Dirty”

First, here is the track for you to check out.

This track has nearly 70,000 streams on Spotify already and it’s easy to see why. It’s smooth, it’s intense, and it has a real purpose and message. 

We asked Lu about the single, and here is what she told us about it.

“It’s a rap song with lyrics that switch between English, Spanish and Korean. The music itself is a huge nod to southern hip hop; the type of music from my childhood that’s had a huge influence on me and the world. Then I blend it with some lowkey latin elements to seal the deal. The song was written and recorded when the George Floyd protests were happening and the references to “dirty, dirty” and “white tees” aren’t just nods to influential songs and places but it’s also a double play on the stereotypes that follow young black men and all people of color. The white tees these young kids wear end up getting “dirtied” or stained with blood. It’s also about cultural appropriation. the world’s becoming more global and that makes this conversation extra important. A white tee is a simple thing but I liked the idea of it being like a plain canvas. If everyone wore one we’d all look the same, there’d be nothing unique about us, no expression. A white tee can be a trend too, like “oh well everyone’s doing it”. I feel like those thoughts kinda drive the point home.”

With her growing fan base and an incredible new single, it’s clear this is just the start for Lu. We asked her about what her overall goals were.

“I wanna be one of the biggest, most influential, and respected artists, but it’s not for myself. I just feel like if I can innovate, if I can create something new, and I can be on the world stage then that’s my way of saving my dying culture; Native Americans… Indigenous people. If I can use my ability to speak a lot of languages and relate directly to more people and make them feel loved and appreciated then it’ll go both ways. I guess that’s a lot of pressure to put on myself but it’s how I feel and the scary thing is, I know I’m gonna succeed at it.”

On her earlier days, Lu referenced being lucky enough to gain a full musical education through school-funded projects. A true nod to the importance of music education in school. 

A ton of musicians feel a larger calling and that is clearly the case here. Lu’s mission drives her and it helps make her music really stand out. Before we let her go we gave her the chance to tell you why you should check out her music.

“You should check out my music because it’s FOR YOU. Wherever you are and whoever you are it was made with you in mind.”

Lu is an artist that is focused on delivering for her fans and living a higher purpose. Music has been a part of her life for a long time now and she speaks about it with a passion and spirituality that then shines through in the music itself. The end result is a catalog of beautiful songs that indicate a bright future ahead. 

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