Champion is back with an incredible limited-edition drop, the Champion x Muhammad Ali Collection, to honor world-class boxer Muhammad Ali’s 80th birthday. This round, Champion enlisted Don C, one of today’s most influential streetwear designers, to create a collection that pays tribute to Ali’s spectacular career from 1963 to 1972 via the prism of contemporary culture.

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Each piece in the collection is inspired by pivotal moments in Ali’s life and pays homage to other athletes, musicians, and artists who personified the Be Your Own Champion mentality. Don C upgraded the gear by fusing high Champion textiles with material acquired from Italy, much like Ali did for boxing.

The third edition of the collection, which incorporates reimagined boxing attire, will be available in extremely limited quantities on and at select stores. If you’d like to help commemorate The Greatest by sharing this news with your readers, please let me know.


Included in the Champion x Muhammad Ali Collection by Don C includes:

  • Muhammad Ali™ Boxing Shorts By Don C ($375) – Classic boxing shorts in luxurious black and gold satin that showcase Ali’s famous “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” quote and are adorned with Ali’s official signature. 
  • Muhammad Ali™ Signature Track Pants by Don C ($475) – Crafted from richly textured velveteen these limited edition plush, striped fabric track pants exude luxurious softness and feature Ali’s embroidered signature. 
  • Muhammad Ali™ Boxing Hoodie by Don C ($475) – This luxe boxing hoodie was created using premium velvet with gold satin piecing down the sleeves, boxing glove laces on satin cuffs and a channeled waistband inspired by Ali’s iconic boxing shorts.
  • Muhammad Ali™ Cashmere-Blend Sweater by Don C ($375) – An intarsia knit Cashmere-Blend Sweater inspired by the pop art of Andy Warhol that pays tribute to the many faces of Muhammad Ali. The design showcases Muhammad Ali block letters on the back with a subtle nod to the music of The Beatles.
  • Muhammad Ali™ Plaited Jersey Tee by Don C ($250) – Made with plaited cotton and acrylic this premium Plaited Jersey Tee captures Ali’s iconic image and the peace, love and rock ‘n roll vibe of Ali’s golden era. The special edition tee features an Intarsia knit design and Muhammad Ali block letters similar to those of The Beatles. 
  • Muhammad Ali™ Cornerman’s Jacket by Don C ($550) – As a fresh take on the signature robes worn by the “Elvis of boxing” Don C’s Cornerman’s Jacket channels the custom-designed robe Elvis gave to Ali in 1973. Crafted of premium Champion satin with velvet piecing on the sleeves and crystal rhinestones on the back declaring Ali the “People’s Champion”