It seems like every week, another rapper is claiming that YK Osiris owes them money.

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Osiris recently explained that his financial troubles are due to him making bad bets. During an interview with Barstool Sports, the Jacksonville rapper was offered $65,000. He responded, saying that it’s going to take even more money to clear his debts.

“I think I just don’t make smart bets. I just jump in the water and swim,” Osiris admitted during the interview. “Are you going to save me?”


The interviewer responded by bringing out a check for $65,000 and asking if its enough to over his debts. “I need more than that man,” Osiris responded. “How can I get more?”

In recent months, many rappers have come forward saying that YK Osiris owes them money. It started after Drake posted a video of Osiris, making him dance to pay off his debt. A later video would show Osiris doing sit ups on Air Drake to pay off his debts too.

Osiris couldn’t even enjoy bringing in the new year without one of his debtors letting him know that he still owes them money. French Montana took to Instagram and posted a video of himself at a party, saying YK owes him money. The camera then pans to Osiris who is laughing the comments off.

Hopefully, YK Osiris either gets the help he needs or learns better financial habits.