According to a confirmed report from The Sun, Wendy Williams had an embarrassing episode related to her mental health shortly before her hospitalization which put her show on ice indefinitely.

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Almost a year after her break-up with her ex-husband and former manager Kevin Hunter, sources who were at the home at the time shortly before the talk show maven was taken to the hospital say that Williams was found naked in her bedroom masturbating while yelling profanities. Health workers were called to the residence and she was transported to the hospital where she stayed for weeks.

Fat Joe and Remy Ma took over The Wendy Williams Show during Wendy’s hospital stay, but sources close to Williams said, “everyone knows not to get too close to Wendy.” They also mentioned that “[being in her life] will backfire, and when it does, you’ll get burned.”


Many critics, both known and unknown, have taken their shots at Wendy as she’s known not to hold back when a celebrity or notable’s back is up against the wall.

“Fuck Wendy Williams around here letting a 90 year old white man suck her dick worried about my child. Stop tagging me in bullshit,” Said NBA YoungBoy’s mother following Wendy’s rant on her “Hot Topics” segment about her son’s arrest. Boosie soon joined in on social media condemning Williams, tweeting, “Stop it Wendy Williams. You Did A Hot 21 Kilos Of Coke Before Your 21st Bday All The Way Till Your Amazing Tumble.”

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