It has been a while since fans on social media have seen a skit from Cam’ron on social media. Following an Instagram post, fans may quickly discover the reason for the fashion icon’s absence.

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Social media has been in a frenzy following the new mouth debut of Dipset rapper, Cam’ron as the 45-year-old may be qualified to take a seat at the pearly white table with Plies, following a change in his grill, posted to social media.

The “Touch it Or Not” emcee posted a video of himself vibing to Billy Joel with a blunt before fans noticed the small change, “That n*gga Billy Joel spitting on this sh*t. At least the first verse,” he stated. “It’s like my life for real right here.”


While some fans may have been worried about the rapper’s playlist, others were more focused on his new set of teeth, after realizing his signature gap was no longer there.

Since the mouth debut, fans have mixed reviews on the rapper’s new appearance. Some even went as far as to compare Cam’ron to Gucci Mane’s “clone” after watching the video. Check out the chatter below.