In case you missed it, Jim Jones and DJ Drama dropped off an absolute banger in their new collab project, Gangsta Grillz: We Set The Trends. To give insight on their first collaborative project in 15 years, the two popped up on Apple Music 1 with Ebro Darden to talk about the creation and what else the two have in the works.

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After DJ drama revealed the new project was a product of the duo’s natural friendship, Jim Jones gave an update on what he has coming.

“I got six albums done, completed already. So now we going to start with the Gangsta Grillz,” Jones said. “Then we going to go into the Lobby Boys, from Lobby Boys, we going to go into the Yung Berg album, from the Yung Berg album, we going to go into the Latin album I got, after the Latin album I got, I’m going into the Byrdgang Compilation. After the Byrdgang Compilation, I’m going to the Scram Jones project that I have. And then I’m going to do a whole Jim Jones project that I’ll be working on during this year while all these projects are coming up.”


Jim Jones also acknowledged the resurgence of New York City hip-hop.

“I feel like we coming back wholeheartedly with the Fivios and all the young energy that they’re putting out there. With the drill music and how the drill music is starting to move further down south into the west coast,” Jones said. “We took something from Chicago and made it our own. Now it’s New York drill. It’s a sound that we known for, it’s just so much going on. So I like the way that the music industry is going in as a whole. The money is better, the stream’s work in our favor, and New York we back on the rise. No disrespecting nobody else, but we been in a black hole for a long time and people have been throwing stones at us. So now to see us rising above that black hole makes me feel very good.”

Agree that New York is coming back off the shoulders of drill? You can hear the full conversation between Jones, Drama, and Ebro here. The We Set The Trends project is available below.