Bobby Shmurda has been revitalizing his music career since getting released from prison. When he first got home, he dropped “No Time For Sleep (Freestyle). He followed up with “Shmoney” with Quavo, Rowdy Rebel. Now the New York rapper is making new music. Yesterday, Bobby announced that he and Lil Uzi are collaborating on something new.

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While shopping at the CoolKicks store in Los Angeles for sneakers on Wednesday, he told the interview all about what he has coming.

Long before going to prison, and despite Shmurda’s bad-boy image, he has always given hip-hop life. Whether it came from his energetic rap music or from his viral dance moves, Bobby Shmurda has always provided a major sense of entertainment in the rap game.


It’s still uncertain when he can expect this collaboration with Lil Uzi, but if Bobby said it, we have to believe it. One thing we shouldn’t expect from Bobby is him playing basketball.

Even though he did beat the store owner, Adeel Shams, aka Champagnepaki, one-on-one for $1500, he lost his second bet.

“If he do an alley-oop, I’ll give another band on top and I know he not doing that,” Shams said.

Bobby did attempt the ally oop, but he lost the ball, before crashing to the ground.

“What the f***?!” Shmurda laughed, “I’m going back to the studio! I’m going back to the studio!”

That’s good. Get back in the studio Bobby, hip-hop needs that energy in the rap game.