“Pushin’ P” had a good run of one week. Now companies are adopting the new phrase in order to “appeal” to a younger generation. Companies like IHop, who people wouldn’t think to have a strong social media presence, are using the phrase and getting cosigns from Gunna himself. On Thursday, Nike attempted to join in on the fun and talk about how they are “Pushin’ P” in Beaverton.

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“We had an internal meeting, and without getting into details, we’re pushin P all year,” the sneaker and apparel giant tweeted.

The tweet caught the attention of Gunna who even responded to the tweet, teasing the idea of a Gunna and Nike collab.


“Nike X GUNNA is P” the Atlanta rapper tweeted.

The reaction was split to Nike’s tweet. Some people applauded the company for joining in on the “P” hype, and others took the opportunity to vent their frustrations with the company.

Whether or not you think Nike is “Pushin P,” you can’t deny that the company has some SERIOUS areas for improvement.