The “Money Challenge” is the latest challenge to take the internet by storm. It all started when Yung Miami from the City Girls posted a picture of herself next to stacks of money that spelled out “THEM HOES AINT ME.”

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The challenge prompted 50 Cent and Soulja Boy, two of Hip-Hop’s biggest trendsetters, to post their “Money Challenge” photos and debate over who was the first rapper to start the challenge as well.

The two rappers both shared pictures of themselves in their younger days participating in the “Money Challenge” before it had a name.


“When i look back at some of the shit that i did, I be bugging out,” 50 Cent captioned his “Money Challenge” picture where he spelled out “BROKE” with stacks of 100’s. “I see all these new versions i like all of them.

Soulja Boy, often self regarded as the first rapper to do anything, posted a picture of himself from 2016 spelling out his name with 20 dollar bills.

“I was the first rapper spelling with money LOL,” he tweeted.

It seems like 50 might have won this one, even though spelling stuff with money is nothing new.

Check out some of the internet’s “Money Challenges” below.