Last week, Wack 100 took to Clubhouse to allege that Master P is broke after his masters were seized from the feds. He also compared Master P to Nick Cannon, saying that the No Limit Records founder doesn’t have “20% of Nick Cannons Money.”

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In a recent Instagram post, Master P responded to Wack’s allegations, saying that “we need to stop tearing each other down.”

Master P posted a clip of himself as a guest on Nick Cannon’s daytime talk show. In the clip, Nick praised Master P for being a great mentor and giving opportunities to the people around him. Even though Master P did not directly mention Wack 100’s name in the caption, it’s pretty safe to assume that this was in response to the LA manager’s claims.


“BROKE is a mindset HATE is a disease,” Master P began the post. “@nickcannon is my brother from another mother. We’ve got a lot of love and respect for each other. We discussed this a couple months ago the three types of people: poor-minded people think and talk about money, rich people collect material things and wealth-minded people produce ideas that create success. The Bible says our people perish from lack of knowledge. As a culture we have to stop comparing, self-hating and tearing each other down. Let’s educate and empower the next generation,” he added.