Paid in Full is one of the most iconic films in Hip-Hop history. According to Dame Dash, the film is getting ready to receive a sequel. Speaking with AllHipHop, Dash notes the film is currently being shot in Newark, New Jersey.

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“It’s what happens after [they] put all that work on the street, and somebody had to get that money back,” Dash said.

“There’s a lot of perspectives that people don’t know. We chose three, really one. Now I’m showing all perspectives,” he continued. “So you’ll see a perspective from the stickup kids at the time, see a perspective of the younger dudes, I was a younger dude, the 16-year-olds. You’ll see perspectives from Kevin Childs, Jay Black, everybody, Lou Simms. It’s going to be off the hook. Trust me. A lot of other little stories will be told.”


Dame Dash has not announced who is in the film. The first starred Wood Harris, Mekhi Phifer, and Cam’ron.

This past Halloween, Alpo Martinez, a famed ex-drug king and government informant, was fatally shot in his birthplace of Harlem, New York. Martinez, 55, was depicted as Rico, Cam’ron’s character, in Paid in Full, which depicted events that occurred in Martinez’s real life.

Camron came to Instagram after Martinez’s passing to reflect on the creation of the classic film and Martinez’s influence on them. The film was released in 2002 and grossed millions of dollars at the box office.

“Paid in Full’ is a reflection of everything I’ve learned and I am really going to see it through now that there’s an ending,” Dash explains to PageSix last year. “So this is going to dramatically change based on what happened Sunday. I was stuck on how to really approach it and this is actually giving me more clarity.”

He added, “Everybody’s thinking it’s got to be tight, and based on the fact that I have creative control, I can do things the right way. Sh*t’s going to be incredible.”