NBA Young Boy has been in the media a lot lately. From his public back and forth with one of the mothers of his children, to his money spelling challenge, to the most recent release of his mixtape Colors, the 22-year-old proves he is the topic of discussion.

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This time, the rapper is in the headlines after a photo of his ex-girlfriend Young Blue circulated the internet showing what was supposed to be in her close friends, a tattoo of the rapper’s government name inside of her bottom lip.

Once social media caught wind of the photo, Lil Blue took to her Instagram to address the hate. “It’s inside my lip. I don’t get why mfers I don’t even [know] have so much to say? I can do [what] I want. Who made you perfect?”


She then goes on to say she had deleted her close friends after someone leaked the photo from out of her story. “And CF is deleted yall b*tches gone stop screenshot[ing] sh*t sending to them damn blogs. Sh*t lame. If I wanted to be seen I would’ve put on my story,” she typed.

It’s safe to say Lil Blue, Asian Doll, and Omeretta all have something in common, would you get a tattoo of your ex or current boo? Check out the tattoo below.