Antonio Brown isn’t losing any sleep over his dramatic exit from the Buccaneers earlier this month. In fact, he’s celebrating their 30-27 loss against the Los Angeles Rams.

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After the loss, AB took to Instagram where he posted a meme of himself from the infamous game against the Jets and photoshopped in a sign that read “Bucs Eliminated.”

According to TMZ, Brown took his joy over the loss a step further. Brown was apparently so happy over the Bucs demise that after the game he went to the XXIII club in Miami and celebrated the loss. Brown would end up spending $15k on bottle service at the club while wearing a fur coat and shades.


Throughout the game on Sunday, the Bucs struggled defensively as Brady was constantly under pressure from the Rams defense. The Bucs didn’t even score their first touchdown until the 3rd quarter. Despite an impressive comeback by the Bucs due to multiple offensive turnovers, its safe to say that the Bucs suffered without AB.

In recent weeks Brown has maintained that he left the game after Bucs head coach Bruce Arians demanded that he get back on the field despite pleading with Arians that he was in too much pain to play. Brown has gone on to reveal text messages between him and Arians that show Brown telling his former coach that he did not think he was at full health to play in the game.

Brown appeared in the latest episode of the I Am Athlete podcast where he revealed that he’d like to play for Lamar Jackson on the Baltimore Ravens.

Wide receiver Brandon Marshall asked Brown which quarterback he wanted to play for next, and before he could even finish the question, Brown said “Lamar Jackson.”

“Action Jackson. Let’s give Lamar Jackson his flowers,” Brown said. “Shout out Lamar Jackson. That’s it. Lamar Jackson is a great quarterback. Not only him throwing the ball, the dynamic of him playing, the excitement.”

In response, Lamar Jackson quoted the picture with a purple demon emoji.

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