Authorities are finally probing the mysterious death of 23-year-old Lauren Smith-Fields.
Bridgeport police have opened an investigation into her death after a medical examiner concluded she died from an accidental overdose.

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The Bridgeport Police Department is looking into the death of the college student after public outrage and attention from social media about the peculiar case. A medical examiner ruled she died of an accidental overdose. She was found dead inside her apartment on December 12th after a date with a 37-year-old white man. The man has not been charged.

The family of Lauren Smith-Fields have been vocal about the mistreatment and neglectful investigation into Lauren’s death by the Bridgeport Police Dept. Her family filed a lawsuit against the city and demanded an independent investigation be conducted to find out what occurred the night of her death.


According to CNN, the department’s narcotics and vice division has finally opened an investigation into her death and they will be assisted by the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

“I’ve never seen a medical examiner conclude a mixer of drugs as an accident without knowing who provided the drugs, or how it was ingested,” tweeted Darnell Crosland, the attorney representing Lauren’s family. “Lauren didn’t use drugs,” he added.

The police dropped the ball horribly investigating Lauren’s death. Now, they’re focusing their attention on “the factors that led to her untimely death,” acting police Chief Rebeca Garcia said in a statement.

The Norwalk Community College student met a white man on Bumble and invited him over to her place. According to the police report, Lauren and the man were hanging out drinking the night before she died.

The man told police Lauren became ill and threw up in the bathroom before she came back and they continued to drink tequila and mixed drinks. He claims they drank, played games and ate before she received a text, went outside to get something from her brother and returned. He said she went into the bathroom for 10-15 minutes.

Upon returning from the bathroom, he claims they continued to watch a movie and finished the bottle of tequila before she fell asleep on the couch. He said he carried her to the bedroom and they went to bed. Around 3am he said he woke up to use the restroom and Lauren was snoring. When 6:30am rolled around, he said he woke up again and found her lying on her right side with blood coming out of her right nostril, and she was not breathing. Then he called 911.
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