It’s been exactly 24 months since we lost the precious life of Kobe Bryant. On January 26, 2020, the world went into deep devastation when we discovered that Kobe, along with eight other people died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas.

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The eight victims included his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna “Gigi” Bryant, John Altobelli, 56, his wife Keri, and 14-year-old daughter Alyssa. The Mamba Academy girls coach Christina Mauser, Gigi’s teammate Payton Chester 13, and her mom Sarah Chester, 45 also died. We also remember the life of Ara Zobayan, the instructor and charter pilot.

As huge as an influence that Kobe Bryant had on the court, he also had a heavy presence in Hip-Hop. Every time a rapper mentioned his name, they mentioned it in the same category as greatness.


Today, the Source honors the great man who made the number 24 just as famous as the cliche phrase “24/7,” by giving you the 24 best references in rap music.

In no particular order, here are the coldest rap lines that honor Kobe.

1. Lil Wayne – “Kobe Bryant”

Kobe doin’ work/ Two four on my shirt/ He the greatest on the court/And I’m the greatest on the verse”

2. Chief Keef -“Kobe”

“I been ballin’ so damn hard, I swear I think that I’m Kobe/ Young bull of this rap sh*t, but I think that I’m Kobe/ I swear I’m dunkin on these hoes, on these niggas, I’m free throwin’ /These boys, they don’t like me ’cause I think that I’m Kobe”

3. Drake – “Stay Schemin’”  

“Kobe ’bout to lose a hundred fifty M’s, Kobe my ni**a, I hate it had to be him, B**ch you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym.” 

4. Kanye West-“Swagger Like Us”

Na-na-na, how it feel to wake up and be the shit and the urine Na-na-na-na /Trying to get that Kobe number, one over Jordan

5. 50 Cent-“You Not Like Me”

You wanna get acquainted with me, you wanna know me/ From three-point range with a Glock, I shoot better than Kobe.”

6. Young Thug – “Check” 

“I promise I won’t ever quit, bitch I’m Kobe.”

7. Travis Scott- “Stargazing”

“I’m way too gold for this beef, feel like I’m Kobe, yeah/ This right here is astronomical.”

8. Drake- “Views”

“Now me and Kobe doin’ shots the night before the game/ Still drop 40 with liquor in my system.”

9. Kendrick Lamar- The Heart Part 2”

“Put burners in the hands of the black man. One hood with 20 four-fours like a cloned Kobe Bryant.”

10. The Game – “Remedy”

“I’m hard as a mothaf**kin’ ounce of raw, Dribble rock like Kobe Bryant bounce the ball.”

11. JAY-Z – “Some People Hate”

With a splash of Monster Kody, shoot faster than Kobe, nigga/You bastards know me, the one and only.”

12. Juicy J – “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp”

“I gotta keep my game tight like Kobe on game night
Like taking from a girl don’t know no better, I know that ain’t right.”

13. WC – “Guilty By Affiliation”

“Whether it’s the yay or the 9-to-5/ The pills or the chronic, we hustle to stay alive/ And if you ain’t Reggie Bush runnin’ a rock/ You better be good as Kobe slangin’ a jump shot.”

14. J. Cole – “Cole World”

“I ball, I ball, like Kobe in the fall/ Put trophies on wall, rather trophies on my mantle.”

15. Kanye West – “All Mine”

“All these thots on Christian Mingle/ Almost what got Tristan single
If you don’t ball like him or Kobe /Guarantee that bitch gonna leave you.”

16. Lloyd Banks – “Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley”

“Where my ring and my confetti/ I’m Kobe Bryant ready
Pink Rose and chronic smelly while I’m stumbling out the telly.”

17. JAY-Z – “Venus vs. Mars”

“My dollars was down, she left me for some Euros/Took my whole flavor, I call her Coke Zero/ We were co-MVP’s like Kobe and Shaq
Left me for the Heat, we were winning back to back.”

18. Lil Wayne – “Show Me What You Got Freestyle” 

“And when it comes down to the recording/I must be LeBron James if he’s Jordan/No, I won rings for my performance/I’m more Kobe Bryant of an artist.”

19. Kanye West, “Ego (Remix)”

“I had dreams of the league, one day I’d play Kobe/Or walk up to Puff and he would really know me.”

20. Big Sean – “See Me Now”

“They say G.O.O.D. Music like the new Miami Heat, Shit comparin’ them to us, man, they gotta add Kobe.”

21. Rick Ross – “Numb”

“I’m tryin’ to see a hundred of ’em, Kobe Bryant money, nigga you ain’t gotta love him.”

22. Nicki Minaj – “Ganja Burn”

“Still every team’s number one pick in the draft/ You could bring anybody, weatherman, pick a day/ I’m Kobe, KD, Kyrie, pick a K.”

23. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie –  “Still Think About You”

“I shoot up and lean back on some Kobe sh*t/ They don’t know how to pass on some Kobe sh*t.

24. Fabolous – “Black Mamba Freestyle” 

“Hope you ready for that Hall of Fame/ April 13th, Mamba Day forever/ Kobe gone, but his legacy gon’ play forever.”