In an exclusive interview with The Art of Dialogue, Junior Mafia member Lil Cease talked about rumors that the late Notorious B.I.G. intended to drop a diss track aimed at his friend-turned-nemesis Tupac Shakur during the East Coast/West Coast beef in the mid-90s. Cease says that Biggie never wanted to give much energy to the verbal sparring between hi m and ‘Pac, but he contends that he did want his fans to know he was aware of the shots being thrown at him.

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“Big wasn’t gon put forth a full effort into a whole full song dissing 2Pac…Big was kinda more like just sprinkling on it,” Lil Cease said. “On the Jay-Z Record: ‘Faith had twins, she probably had two Pacs. Get it?’ He was kinda like, ‘Yeah I’m letting you know I’m aware of it, but I’ma have fun with it and I’m not gonna say too much,’ ’cause Big didn’t really want to make it that. He didn’t want to add to much fuel to it…That wasn’t Big’s energy but he would definitely tap into some lines sometimes just to let him know, I hear you. And if it comes down to just a rap battle and things like that, Big was all up for that.”

Cease-A-Leo contends that Big never made a diss track towards Tupac, but admits that he did mention ‘Pac in the song “The Ugliest” when the host of The Art Of Dialogue mentioned it as a diss record aimed at the famed Black Panther Party heir. Big tried to recruit Nas for the song, who never laid a verse. Busta Rhymes did appear on the track but left the song off his album because of Biggie’s subliminal shots at 2Pac.