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The last episode of Power Book II: Ghost had fans of the series shook after the now legendary Tejada dinner scene. This has left many fans wondering what the future holds for many characters. Tariq looks to be in deep trouble now as his trial has started for the murders of Professor Reynolds and Detective Ramirez.

However, before Ghost was killed off in the final season of Power, he apparently left a few things for Tariq that have fans wondering if he’s dead or not. When Tariq was arrested, Ghost left a letter for Tariq for when he would finally be put behind bars, and also came up with a plan to have his youngest daughter Yasmin placed in a home with a good family in the event nobody would be able to take care of her.


Despite the internets theories about how Ghost might have survived being shot off the balcony by his own son, Michael Rainey Jr took to Instagram to dispel rumors floating around that Ghost was still alive.

“They asking me if Ghost will come back,” said Rainey Jr. on Instagram Live. “The n***a died. Like, I don’t understand, y’all n***as think this is some fake show where n***as comin’ back from the dead. This is Power. It’s not that sh*t. It’s not like when Kanan got set on fire and came back. He ain’t get set on fire, he caught a Figi [gunshot to the face].”

Do you think Michael Rainey Jr. is telling the truth? Or can he just not say whether Ghost is really alive?

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