Krystal, the original slider of the South, has expanded its franchise and brand growth activities to name 2 Chainz Head of Creative Marketing for the brand. 2 Chainz and his team will be leading the creation of multiple new platforms and partnerships, including menus, merchandising, and co-branded restaurants in the brand’s hometown of Atlanta.

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“As someone who grew up in the South and understands Krystal’s place in culture and community, 2 Chainz is a perfect partner for adding to and amplifying our brand message,” said Thomas Stager, President of Krystal Restaurants LLC. “There is an authenticity in this relationship that reflects our own deep pride in and commitment to the brand and our communities, and we know 2 Chainz has his own equally deep personal connections to Krystal. Together, we will bring the feeling and flavor of Krystal to as many new fans as possible.”

2 Chainz grew up in College Park, Georgia, not far from where the company now calls home. Krystal restaurants were a favorite hangout spot for him as a kid, where he could meet up with friends, listen to music, and eat excellent sliders, shakes, and sides, just as they have been for generations of customers. 2 Chainz will cooperate on a special co-branded Krystal restaurant in the rapper’s hometown area as part of the new collaboration, and he will also help develop a “Luxe Line” of premium culinary goods for the brand, which will debut at his restaurant. Other aspects of the agreement include the creation of one-of-a-kind NFT artwork, custom-curated in-restaurant music, and limited-edition items that will be sold both in-restaurant and online.


“Chainz and I grew up in neighboring areas – both of us are from the South side of Atlanta.  Being able to work with someone who’s where you’re from and who has been ultra-successful is something that means a lot.  Getting a chance to grow this brand, give back to the areas that we’re from, and help direct an iconic brand is a special opportunity.  Chainz is talented, he’s unique, he’s involved and he’s real South.  I can’t wait to see what our partnership brings,” said Jonathan Childs, founder and operating partner of Golden Child Holdings, one of the primary investors in the brand.  “We’re going to remind everyone why Krystal is relevant.”

“I can remember Krystal being a part of so many pivotal moments of my childhood and teen years. Some of my best moments were made better by going to Krystal, and I’m a fan for life,” added 2 Chainz about his own goals for the partnership. “I want everyone to feel that, too, and can’t wait to put Krystal in the spotlight it deserves.”