Would you rather be 100 thousand dollars richer, or have dinner with Young Thug?

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This isn’t a rhetorical question, because it might become a real thing. Before you answer, Gunna wants you to think about this decision, because he turned down the money, and took the dinner.

Yesterday, the Young Stoner Life Twitter account presented the question, “Dinner with Thugger or $100,000?”


The YSL label then posted this same question on their Instagram account and his artist Gunna responded with his own suggestion. He said, “Think B4 you answer… I took the dinner.”

No telling when Thug initially presented this offer to the DS4Ever rapper, but it’s obvious that his business decision paid off. For all the public knows, that dinner with Young Thug is probably the day that Sergio Giavanni Kitchens became Gunna.

This type of offer became popular when the internet debated on whether or not they’ll take 500k or dinner with Jay-Z. Despite many people agreeing to take the dinner with Hov, Jay quickly ended the notion of having dinner with him.

He may not have directly responded, but the music streaming company he once majority-owned, Tidal, sent the message. Tidal tweeted, “Take the 500k.”

The tweet from Tidal clearly expressed that Jay-Z wants no parts of this, but you might have a shot with Young Thug.

It’s still uncertain if this message came directly from the YSL boss, but seeing that the tweet came from his label’s verified account, it might be a possibility.

It’s also unclear on the qualifications for the dinner, or what would be discussed at the dinner. There also isn’t a guarantee of what you’ll gain from the dinner. The only thing that’s certain is that the YSL label wants to know your decision. Dinner with Thugger or 100k?