Performing at a Super Bowl halftime show is a defining moment in an artists career. The Weeknd even forwent a performance at the Grammy’s last year to perform at the Super Bowl. So many hip hop fans were happy when it was announced that Dr. Dre would be this years Super Bowl act, and that he was bringing Snoop, Eminem, Kendrick, and Mary J. Blige with him.

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The only question now is what songs will each artist perform.

In a recent interview with Elle, Blige revealed that she will only be able to perform one song from her catalogue. Blige added that she’s “leaning” towards performing her Dr. Dre produced hit “Family Affair.”


She explained her choice, saying that “hip-hop is something of a “Family Affair” in today’s culture: “We are the culture; [hip-hop artists] give people a way to speak. We give people a way to walk. We give people a way to talk. We give people a way to think. That’s what hip-hop and hip-hop soul have done for our culture since [the beginning].”

Even though this isn’t Mary J’s first time at the Super Bowl, it’ll be the first time she’ll actually be able to perform one of her songs. She was on stage during the halftime show at SB XXXV with Aerosmith, Britney Spears, Nelly, and NSYNC, but only sang a few words as a “background piece.”

Last week the NFL released a trailer for the upcoming halftime performance.