In life, obstacles will arise and hardships will come, but it’s not how you start your journey that matters. It’s what you make of it and how you finish.

From the block to the boardroom, East Palo Alto, California recording artist Mobbin101 leads by example. Hailing from humble beginnings, Mobbin first saw handcuffs at the age of 11. Raised by his paternal grandmother while his mother battled drug addiction, Mobbin was known as the “sibling keeper” for his 15 plus siblings.

Realizing his love for music at the age of 7 and his talent at the age of 13, Mobbin101 found music as an escape from the chaos around him. Believing that all you had to do was believe in your bright future to accomplish it. Mobbin was determined to make a better life for himself; one in which he would be remembered as someone who was genuine and honest, and did it their way. ” I jumped in the fast lane and Mobbed constantly. I tried. I did. I loved. I taught others how to Mob for themselves; how to make a way.”

Dedication, hard work and consistency are the keys to accomplishing any goal. In life, we can leave no stone unturned and Mobbin101 clearly understood the assignment. In 2021 alone, Mobbin101 released a total of 10 singles and projects. With Mobbin In Tulum being undoubtedly one of the dopest projects of the year. 

Check out Mobbin101’s top tracks via Spotify below.

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