Music is timeless, but one thing that’s always evolving is how music is streamed. Those who are a part of a certain era may remember the process of burning CDs or downloading music onto the Mp3 player just to listen to our favorite tunes. In today’s day and age, music is available at the click of a button on your phone through streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.

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Kandi Burruss, member of the iconic 90’s female R&B girl group, Xscape, shared a story with her followers of how her six-year-old made her age show. “So, have you ever had those moments where your kids make you feel …old?” the songwriter asked her audience.

“So my son is six, Ace, and he found a CD that somebody had gave me sitting on the shelf, and it was in the case, and he was like ‘what’s this?'” Kandi laughed. “Now, for somebody to look at a CD and say ‘whats this’ I’m automatically feeling old. I said it’s a CD and he said, ‘Ooooo it looks like a DJ thing.'” Kandi explained before mentioning that her son was so fascinated by his findings, that he stated he would keep it because it was a “rarity.”


While some fans found the story to be hilarious, others were impressed by Ace’s use of vocabulary.

“‘This is a Rarity’!!! How old is he? Come on that kid smart,” one comment read.

“Not him flexin on the vocab just to embarrass you,” another comment read.

Source family, is Gen Z making our age show? Check out the hilarious clip below.