L.A.-based super-producer Mustard, formerly DJ Mustard, was involved in a car crash on Sunday night after he was hit by a drunk driver. Mustard took to Instagram to share pictures of his totaled Cadillac Escalade and a message to his fans.

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“last night a drunk driver hit me and another car on the freeway. Slammed by car into the wall, all the airbags came out totaled my truck,” Mustard said in his post. “Sh*t felt like a movie. I was able to walk away with minor bruises no major injuries… thank you god!”

Even though his Escalade was totaled, Mustard seemed to be madder that his Trek bicycle that was in the back was totaled as well. “On top of that my trek bike was in the back my sh*t was broke i was more made about that than my car man,” Mustard wrote.


We sure are glad Mustard is okay