Somebody let Kevin Porter Jr. know that trash-talking Steph Curry is a bad idea. On Monday night, KPJ and the Houston Rockets were attempting to upset the Golden State Warriors, but some late-game trash-talking killed those hopes. After Porter Jr. mocked and trash-talked Steph Curry, a barrage of threes came and all hope was gone.

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During the game, Porter Jr. stared down and spoke to Curry. Curry never said a word back, instead, he lit up the scoreboard.

“It’s a nice game within the game,” Curry said to ESPN. “It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last time. I started bringing it to another level. You always have it, but you definitely bring another level of competitiveness when you have fun stuff like that. I take it all as entertainment, but sometimes you need a little boost.”


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