Tyriq French is a hot model from the United States! Despite the fact that his modeling is extremely successful and that his appearance makes him stick out on camera, he claims that he must lead by example in terms of his work ethic and collaborations. Tyriq French has worked hard since the beginning to get acceptance and respect as a model. Because the body is an art form, French claims that his schooling taught him to truly care for himself, his body, and his well-being.

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Tyriq says that all one has to do is paint the picture of what it needs to be. Tyriq French understands the importance of consistency in order to achieve success. He is eager to make a difference not only in Memphis, but also around the world. Tyriq believes that one of the most difficult aspects of modeling is taking care of one’s body. It is critical to eat healthily and have a healthy lifestyle in order for your skin to glow.

Tyriq French is a people person who enjoys engaging in conversation with others, which helps him network and stay on top of his partnerships.


Tyriq French, a seasoned model who isn’t easily discouraged, is the polar opposite of the widely held belief that failure is a certainty when one ventures outside of one’s comfort zone. In this interview, author and founder of #Focuseddd multimedia brand, Mobeen Mian, asks Tyriq, the American Model, his long term goals.  In the long run, Tyriq plans to keep pushing forward and using his initiative to make a difference in the world through modeling and athletically designed structures. He has high standards for himself. To be successful, he must leave his audience wanting to see more of him after each performance, which he has done on a constant basis on social media and collaborating with major brands such as Audi and Habana Clothing. 

Tyriq French, a native of Memphis, Tennessee, was born and raised in the South Memphis community. Whether through modeling or physical treatment, he has always sought to be the best version of himself.

To be truly great and to develop diversity, one must seek out opportunities and set oneself up for success and travel. Tyriq French had the good fortune of having a modeling career that took him from coast to coast. Cities such as Miami, Atlanta, Memphis, and Oklahoma City are just a few examples. Tyriq French emphasizes the importance of seizing every opportunity that presents itself, and that you must go out and capture it yourself.

Tyriq French is a rising model who has his sights set on the peak’s summit and is determined to get it as quickly as possible. Tyriq French has only one goal in mind: to increase his work ethic and dedication by becoming more serious and focused.

 After hurting his shoulder, Tyriq French, a former Division 1 football player at the University of Southern Mississippi, had to rethink his career path. During his senior year of high school, he was named to the all-state football squad, as well as the all-state baseball, basketball, and track teams. Tyriq French is now focused on assisting and developing employees at all levels of the company. He claims that he is only thinking about the future and that he is using his desire to be the best to achieve his modeling goal right now.

 Several models and professions faced severe hurdles as a result of the pandemic in 2021, as a number of rules passed at the municipal and federal levels barred a large number of large-scale events, including as concerts and festivals, from taking place in the impacted locations. As a result, the number of possibilities for artists to showcase their abilities was severely limited. Tyriq French’s present focus is on continuing to pursue his modeling career in order to strengthen his already solid foundation even more, as well as to explore new opportunities for himself in the future.

 Mobeen Mian and the #Focuseddd brand, continue to promote the stories of people who are driven and rising through the ranks of their many professions, such as Tyriq French, the American model.