In the early hours on Wednesday morning, Instagram woke to photos of Summer Walker showing off her newest hair look-A shaved head with a long faux locs pony in the middle of her head that cascaded down her back. her caption read: “Legit wanted this hair style my whole life 🖤🥺👅” 

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 A drastic change from what we are used to seeing on the ‘No Love’ singer but not surprised, as in November she tattooed her boyfriend’s name Larry on her face. Although it seems Instagram is loving this look her peers are responding with all positive feedback, Sza commenting with a simple “Hardddd” and Tamar Braxton with “It’s dope tho🔥.” But, Black Twitter is in a frenzy, with comments from everyone saying she was inspired by Zuko of Avatar, Goro from Mortal Combat, as well as expressing their feeling of the drastic changes that say “Being a summer walker fan is so difficult sometimes because she always leaves me speechless.” 

Whether you like it or not I think we all can agree that we need to separate the art from the artist. It’s clear that she is a bonafide creative from her music to her style including her hair and clearly she enjoys expressing all aspects of it.