Wack 100 has had his fair share of targets as of late. The controversial figure has shared his opinion on multiple rappers, including Bobby Shmurda, who he feels is doing too much dancing. After being critical of his career, Wack would state “He’s losing the streets with all this disco bunny dancing he be doing.”

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Bobby Shmurda heard the words and was asked about it while visiting No Jumper. Bobby would offer a simple reply: “Gangsta will do what the fuck I wanna do.”

He would add, “I’m not thinking about somebody telling me, ‘Oh, you can’t dance, Bobby.’ Let somebody tell me that I can’t dance.”


Bobby would then specifically respond to Wack 100, “The Love & Hip Hop n****? What does he do? He do podcasts? Wack’s nothing to talk about. Why would I want to talk about Wack 100?”

Of course Wack had a retort, “#GangstasDontDanceWeBoogie.”

Wack just may be missing that Bobby Shmurda is on some other time.

Once one of the most menacing figures in Hip-Hop, Bobby Shmurda is now seen as a more fun-loving figure, dancing in his videos and appreciating his freedom. Bobby shared a new set of images on Instagram where he enjoys the company of a massive group of women and shared a message to put the guns down in music videos.

“I don’t wanna see nooo guns in Videos this year str8 Gyal,” Bobby wrote. “Y’all nggas ain’t using them anyway you on the gram with it.”

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Bobby Shmurda has been promoting messages of celebrating life and having fun recently. Back in the holiday season, Bobby promoted enjoying your freedom during his first Christmas after prison.

“This my first Christmas home in 7 years. Don’t take this holiday for granted ya’ll. Hit the people you love! And answer those jail calls,” Bobby Shmurda wrote on social media.