With the rap industry losing young, talented artists in the game to gun violence, DJ Drewski is taking a step forward in a different direction in an effort to make a change. DJ Drewski, most known for his appearances on Hot 97 and Love and HipHop, stated that he will no longer support “diss/gang” music.

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“I’m not supporting no more diss/gang music! If ya dissing each other in the songs, don’t even send it to me!” he wrote on Instagram. “I don’t care if the artist sends it, the label sends it, your big Homie sends it! I will not support or play anymore Diss/Gang records on the radio! We r losing too many young men and women to the streets!”

If you make drill music, there are a lot of drill songs without dissing your opps or smoking your opps! Step up your pen game and creativity. No reason why every week someone is getting locked up or killed. I can’t change the world, but I can stop supporting the nonsense. I admit I’m a fan of the drill records and supported from the beginning. But it’s only getting worse. SMH,” he continued.


While the feedback from fans are mixed on Drewski’s decision it seems as though Drewski’s fellow Hot 97 mate, Ebro Darden and others agreed to support Drewski’s new movement by reposting the plan to their Instagram stories as well. “Ok @sodrewski …. @funkflex what we doing? @tttorrez whats poppin?” Darden posted.

Aside from those behind the table, it seems as though those behind the mic are trying to make a change as well. Just last year, Lil Durk mentioned that he would no longer be referring to the deceased on any tracks or performing tracks that mention the deceased in his music.

“I’m not mentioning the dead in my songs no more or performing songs with they name in it…… – big Smurk,” he wrote on Twitter.

Could this be the start of a turnaround in the industry?