It’s official! Latto is set to go on tour and rock the mic with the help of Saucy Sanatana, Kali, and Asianae.

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The rapper kept a buzz around her after releasing her single “Bitch From the South,” which landed the rapper on Billboard charts. From the radio to a city near you, the tour is scheduled from March to April, visiting states such as Califonia, Texas, New York, Florida, Atlanta, and more.

“Taking the gang w me on tour! Get your tickets now [ticket emoji] BIGLATTO.COM,” the rapper wrote on Instagram.


When Latto first announced her plans to tour with special guests, fans were already ahead of the 23-year-old rapper, guessing that she would be bringing the “Shisha” superstar along the tour with her.

“They was already guessing it though that’s not even fair,” Latto said in a live stream with Sanatana. “As soon as I said I’m announcing the person who coming on tour with me, they like guessing Santana, Santana, Santana.”

Will you be catching Latto, Saucy Santana, Kali, and Asianae on tour? The hype surrounding this tour seems to be very high as the rapper also revealed that Atlanta has already sold out the venue. Check out the dates below.