Lil Nas X’s Brother comes to his defense.

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Yesterday there was great energy in the air. Whether it came from it being 2.2.22 or the reconciliation of Nicki Minaj and the City Girls, things seemed to be on a lighter note.

In an interview on the Morning Hustle Show, Nicki Minaj shared that she would not work with the City Girls because of past claims where it was stated that the rap duo did not like her.


“What I will say is a few years ago I saw a video of them and I asked someone on their team at the time about them… I was thinking about jumping on one of their records that were out,” Nicki began.

“Then Social media happened with people saying things about an artist whether they tweeted or say it or whether it gets pulled out of them in an interview. Whenever you post something on the internet, it’s there forever. Whenever you say something in an interview it’s there forever,” she continued.

“An artist is a human being first, and if I as just a regular human was about to do something with you if I was about to go out to dinner with you and if I get something that says ‘she don’t really cover you like like, she was saying this and she don’t really like you and she said you actually never popped or flourished’ I’m not gonna out to dinner anymore because now I know I like you but you don’t really like me so you know that’s just a human way to feel if you hear somebody was saying things about you not just one thing but repeated things, repeated tweets for years.”

Shortly after the interview surfaced on the internet, JT and Nicki Minaj would confirm that a phone call took place, changing the energy between the music artists.

“Just has a great convo with @ThegirlJT & @YungMiami305. Let’s move on & make new memories yall,” Nicki Minaj penned on Twitter.

While JT and YungMiami seemed to have been able to clear the air with the Queen of rap, Lil Nas X’s brother stepped in the conversation, in an attempt to clear the air between Nicki and Lil Nas X. “U got one more bard to have a convo with,” he tweeted with eye emojis.

“I watched my brother grow up loving nicki I personally believe if he can have one feat from anybody it would be her. He deserves it he worked his ass off to get to where he at,” he followed.

In the past, Lil Nas X denied being a fan of the Young Money rapper before he revealed his sexuality to the world.

Lil Nas X stated that he was afraid of the backlash that he would receive for admitting he was a bard, as he had not yet spoken on his sexuality to fans.

Do you think Lil Nas X is deserving of a second chance?