Nicki Minaj isn’t just one of the most musically versatile female artists of all time- she is also a master of changing her persona. She took to Instagram Live to discuss her past album personas and discuss the vibe of her upcoming album personality.

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Taking to Instagram Live, Minaj thoughtfully addressed her fans as she discussed working on her new personality that will compliment her next studio album.

minaj said that people had asked her if she was planning to “roll out a new personality with [the upcoming] album.”


Minaj then reflected on some of her past album personalities, which have included Harajuku Barbie, Chun-Li, Roman Zolanski, and Queen Sleeze. She asked “what should we call this person’s name?” She didn’t have an answer, but promised fans that she would “figure it out.”

Earlier this week, Minaj revealed she was supposed to be on Gunna’s “P Power,” but ultimately ended up declining, saying “I heard the beat and said, ‘Oh my God, this beat is out of here.’ No lie, I sat with the song for months and months and couldn’t bring myself to write for the record.”

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