The Los Angeles Rams may be playing in their home arena at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles during next week’s Super Bowl LVI, but the Cincinnati Bengals are in fact the home team in the big game. 

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Crazy, right? 

What’s even crazier is that because the Bengals are the home team, they got the first choice in deciding what uniforms they’ll wear for the big game.


Per CBS Sports: Even though teams wearing white have won 14 of the past 17 Super Bowls, the Bengals have decided they’re going to try and buck that trend: The team will be going with their black jerseys. The team will pair the jersey with white pants and orange socks. 

The Bengals announce their “glow up” via Twitter earlier today:

The Bengals have worn this combination twice this season. They debuted it against the San Francisco 49ers back in Week 14 in an overtime loss, and then wore it again in their Wild Card victory over the Las Vegas Raiders. This is also the exact same color scheme the Bengals wore in their first Super Bowl appearance in 1982.

According to Sporting News, this will mark the second time the Bengals have worn black in a Super Bowl. In their first appearance, a 26-21 loss to the 49ers in Super Bowl XVI, the Bengals also wore a black jersey. 

If you’re asking yourself who’s favored to win the Super Bowl 56 big game, the answer is the Rams with the best odds of -175 according to Sports Betting Dime. 

Just a quick note: The Rams haven’t officially announced which uniforms they are wearing during the Super Bowl. However, because the Bengals are wearing black, it would be right to assume that the Rams will wear their off-white, bone gray jerseys. 

Worth noting: The Rams have three options to choose from with their pants with the options of yellow, royal blue or bone gray to choose from. 

“The Rams have a plethora of fashion options to choose from,” says Bally Sports Network television analyst Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, a former staff writer at The Source Magazine. 

“If I’m the Rams, I choose the royal blow. It stands out. It’s regal and it is so LA…even if the Rams are the away team.” 

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