It’s safe to say the NFL as a league was caught off guard with the Brian Flores lawsuit. Now, some owners are voicing their opinions about the situation. On Wednesday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the NFL as a whole could be better with its diversity practices in hiring.

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“I can see it’s an area, one of many, that we can do better…The area has some good attention,” Jones said. “This is obvious if you look through that that the league and coaches are trying to improve there.

“I think the fact that it’s an issue shows not only the league’s willingness to address and do better… I think the fact that it’s being discussed as to how the Rooney Rule or what drives the Rooney Rule could be better. In the case of coach Flores’ complaint, he’s saying it could be better and the processes create [a] positive result for the league.”

The Dolphins fired Flores on Jan. 10 after three seasons in Miami. In three seasons, Flores led the Dolphins to a 24-25 record, including winning records in the latter two seasons. However, Miami failed to make the playoffs each of those seasons.


Jones is one to usually give his head coaches a very long rope. For Jones to say there is a problem, the league should believe him.