The NYPD wasn’t too happy with the release of 16-year-old rapper and reputed gang member Camrin Williams aka C Blu, after he shot a police officer and showed their discontent by rearresting the teen yesterday(February 3) for a probation violation from a 2020 gun charge, according to a New York Post report.

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Last week, C Blu and his family posted a $250K bond, primarily paid with a record label advance he received from a subsidiary of Universal Records, after allegedly shooting a cop during an altercation in the Bronx. He was taken back to Crossroads Juvenile Detention Facility in Brooklyn because the gun used in the January 18 shooting violated his probation from a 2020 illegal weapons charge.

It is unclear why Williams’ probation violation wasn’t active before he was released for shooting the officer, and C Blu’s lawyer, Dawn Florio, has yet to comment on this matter.


“We’re glad that a cop-shooter is back off the street, but this revolving door for a repeat gun offender makes no sense whatsoever,” PBA President Patrick J. Lynch said. “It should be clear to every New Yorker that our justice system is broken in many places. Our lawmakers need to prioritize fixing it above everything else.”