There is a chance that we may not see baseball this season and it all comes at the hands of the lockout that is currently active. With this lockout there could be substantial consequences if not figured out in a timely manner. The organization is on the clock as the players are staged within a strike for a new labor agreement. With training camps set to take place at the end of this month and the season to begin in March, with no new terms set in action things are beginning to look grim. The lockout comes as a result of the collective bargaining agreement which expired on December 2nd 2021 and at the time of expiration no new deal had been agreed upon.

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This makes for the first lockout since 1994. If the lockout continues, it could put a damper on free agency and if an agreement is not met in within the season starting date it could cause a shortening or possible cancellation of the 2022 season. This of course then hurts not only the players but the staffing with each team, sponsorships and ticket holders. With no resolution insight this could be one of the most historic boycotts that could also ensue  significant financial turmoil moving forward. Many stay optimistic hoping to see a solution before the season however with no details of a solution being reported, the MLB organization remains on the clock.