Beginning today, New York City public school students will be served only vegan meals every Friday.

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The spokeswoman for the City Department of Education, Jenna Lyle confirmed in a statement that in the more than 1,700 campuses in the five boroughs will participate in “Vegan Fridays” which is part of a public health push under Mayor Eric Adams.

Mayor Eric Adams, who is a vegan, says the plant based options served to students will encourage healthy eating. “I’m thrilled to see that all students will now have access to healthy foods that will prevent debilitating health conditions.”


Mayor Adams credits his vegan diet as helping him reverse signs of diabetes. “Plant-based options in schools means healthy eating and healthy living, and improving the quality of life for thousands of New York City students,” Mayor Adams stated.

On Fridays, students will be able to choose from items like black bean rice bowls, spinach and cranberry salad, and roasted cauliflower. Gone from the Friday menu is meat, dairy and eggs. To those students that love pizza and mozzarella sticks they will still be served but on other days.

Some students and parents have voiced concerns if “Vegan Fridays” will be a success.

However, the DOE revealed, schools across the city had already been serving vegan meals on a daily basis and there will be a few dairy options still available the first few Fridays as kids get used to the new menu.

Cafeterias will still serve milk because it’s mandated by the FDA.