Some people crack under pressure and some people strive in it. Unfortunately, we all don’t know where Philadelphia 76ers Ben Simmons fit in that equation. On the latest episode of “The Big Podcast with Shaq” Shaquille O’ Neal shared how Simmons slide in his DMs about recent criticism the big fella shared on a recent TNT’s Inside the NBA.

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“He kinda got in my DM and said some things, and I said some things back,” said O’Neal.

“All I said is, ‘You leaving your man [Joel Embiid] out there. You need to play,’” O’Neal added. “That’s all I said. And he said some things. But I’m not gonna elaborate what he said because that’s not cool … He was mad. He was probably mad because I’m his LSU brother. And I am, I’m still his brother.”


All O’ Neal was trying to do was motivate Simmons the same he did Joel Embiid in the past. Simmons hasn’t played a single game for the 76ers all season and the team is actually striving without him with at 31-20 and a game out of first in the competitive Eastern Conference. If Simmons doesn’t want to be a 76er anymore, he should at least play and showcase his talents for someone else to want him or for the very least, try to prove O’Neal and the other doubters wrong.