As more artists are coming forward and urging that their music be removed from Spotify because of Joe Rogan’s COVID-19 misinformation, R&B songstress India Irie has called out the media mainstay for a completely different reason; racism/

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Irie took to social media to share some old clips of Rogan in action using the n-word when referring to Black people and even referred to Black neighborhoods as “Planet of the Apes.”

Around the eight-minute mark of the video below, Irie makes her case, stating, “[Joe Rogan] shouldn’t even be uttering the [n-]word. Don’t even say it, under any context. That’s where I stand. I have always stood there. We have this person who is offensive to a lot of people and is paid $100 million. The backbone of Spotify is the music. You pay the musicians .003-.005 percent of a penny and take this money generated over here and use it to invest in this guy? Do you what you want, but take me off. Or pay me too. I mean us. Pay artists like me too. Pay podcasters of color too.” 


Forty seconds after Irie gave her reasoning for wanting her music removed, she played the video of the MMA commentator using very disparaging language in reference to Black people. See the video clip below.