Multiple artists in the music industry have been cracking down on VladTV referring to the notorious interviewer as a federal informant after some of his questions in his interviews seemed to be intended to incriminate his guest.

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Vlad denied the allegations. However, music artists are not done calling out the interviewer for his moves. In a recent interview, Asian Doll called out VladTV for believing that he made a mockery of her during her grieving process following the loss of King Von. Asian Doll and King Von were in a relationship publicly for about two years. The status of the couple’s relationship at the time of his untimely death isn’t certain, but Asian Doll showed her love for the late rapper by getting a total of six tattoos and an icy necklace in his remembrance.

In a clip posted to her Instagram, Asian Doll can be seen on the set of VLADTV, with an interviewer other than Vlad, before she walked off set.


“SUCK MY **** VLAD !!” She wrote in an Instagram caption.  “Thought it was funny when I was grieving when von died just to ask me can you interview me lol look how the tables turn CLOWN. GOOFY.”

Many were confused why the “Nunnadet Shit” rapper even went onset in the first place if she knew she intended to walk off. “They saying why I did the interview,” she later posted on Twitter. “Because my male manager wanted me to do it so bad I keep saying NO! So after being asked multiple times to do it I said Okay I’ll do it but under one condition… I tell him exactly how I felt & thats exactly what I did so **** HIM & YALL,” the rapper wrote followed by the 100 emoji.

Should Asian Doll have let the grudge go? Check out the video of her explanation below.