It’s not every day a big three breakup after just one season, but that’s what happened to the Brooklyn Nets. James Harden is no longer a Net and it was reported by the Athletic that Kyrie Irving was cool with that.

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After the Nets’ 10th loss in a row, a 113-112 to the Washington Wizards, Irving took to social media to respond to those claims and to remind everyone to stay woke in the process.

“Lol I guess this is ‘breaking news’ media nowadays,” the former All-Star Irving tweeted. “Keep my family name out y’all Simpleton articles. The Puppets are running wild Again.”


There have been some reports and rumblings that Irving wasn’t a fan of Harden and both players didn’t love the idea of playing together. Now the 76ers and Nets get exactly what kind of playmakers they need. Irving should be happy with that and Nets fans would be happier if Irving could play some home games. Irving is simply trying to take the high road here and keep any issues he might of had with Harden away from the media.